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It's Friday I'm In Love // Edition 18

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The Design Confidential It's Friday I'm In Love Edition 18

Oh yes, it's Friday my friends and I am over the moon in love with so many things on this glorious spring day. Have you seen this fab project floating around the interwebs yet? So good right? Does that table base look a bit familiar to you at all? Well if you have been with us here at TDC for a while, you might recognize it as a larger, more amazing version of our Himmeli Orb! Made by the gorgeous Brittany of brittanyMakes for Home Depot, and and inspired by our DIY Himmeli Orb project, she absolutely knocked this beauty out of the park, did she not? Amazing! And now I want to make seven… Love…

The Design Confidential It's Friday I'm In Love Edition 18

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Feeling inspired by the thought of warmer weather and outdoor entertaining, I am loving these gorgeous goods that would be perfect for ushering in the season of backyard bbq's and poolside lounging. An ottoman in white that will stay white and clean? Yes please… Pretty sure I need that cat mug and I don't even have a cat at the moment.

Happy Friday friends… enjoy the weekend, I will be sending you thoughts of warm weather from out here in the west. It seems warm weather and cloudless skies are something we seem to be getting in abundance – you won't hear one complaint from me – at least until I have to cut my water consumption down (insert frowny face here).

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