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Room Envy // California Dreamin + 5 Things

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The Design Confidential Room Envy California Dreamin + 5 Things Nursery Design

This nursery is the epitome of California design. Throw in some over sized agave and a few hanging plants and you have yourself a true California Dream. Light, Bright and Airy this room makes me think the people who live here are laid back and barefoot much of the time, yet entirely worldly and well traveled. It must be so peaceful here, and quiet. Doesn't it seem quiet to you? It isn't often a room speaks to the sound that emanates from the space, but this one is speaking volumes to me at the moment. It would certainly be funny to find out that it is in fact wild, loud, and rambunctious in this home, in real life. Somehow I think not… but perhaps it's all just wishful thinking on my part.

5 THINGS // Interesting tidbits and a few of my own California Dreams

One // I am currently sporting a pretty amazing infection and it is sucking the life force out of me. It is unusual for me to be tired during the day, pretty much ever, but it is taking all I have to function like a human even just a little. Ugh.

Two // I am never working on less than 4 projects at a time, and at any given moment, at least one of those projects involves seating. Chairs are quickly becoming my kryptonite – and I have no less than 12 in my 'workshop' this very minute.

Three // It is my dream to design products and I am going to be putting a bit of my time and energy into this aspect of my career for this year. Who knows where this will lead, and maybe nowhere at all, but I think it's important to pursue what makes us unbelievably ridiculously happy whenever the chance presents itself.

The Design Confidential Room Envy California Dreamin + 5 Things Nursery Design

Four // My older boy Blake is equal parts easily embarrassed and completely shy at first encounter. On the flip side he is utterly social and outgoing once he has a good grasp on things, so to speak. But I can't even truly put words how completely out of left field it was to see him, for the second time in a year, dance his little heart out in front of the entire school and all of the parents during their class performance. This is the kid who refused to wear his Halloween costume several years in a row, for sheer embarrassment, and most definitely would not wear the outfit all of his classmates wore during their preschool performance (only a year prior to his first dance performance I speak of here). The whole things was so unusual in fact, that during his performance last year, the mister and I both sat there with our mouths hanging open in complete shock and awe. I think you can hear our exclamations on the video and strangely the camera started to droop and film the back of the chair in front of us. I blame the shock. Who is that child, I have never met him before. He just owned that stage… so weird – perhaps it was a fluke – but no, he just did it again, for the second year in a row. But according to him he hates dance and wouldn't even dream of taking dance lessons? I can attest to the fact that he can jokingly twerk better than most of the housewives and they are actually trying. I don't know where he learns this stuff… ?

Five // I would like to collaborate with some interesting folks in an adjacent industry this year. Food, fashion, photography, maybe graphic designers… not entire sure how this would go down or what it would even be, but I know for sure that I am completely inspired by so many amazing artists and creatives out there and I truly believe it helps us as creatives when we push our boundaries and step outside of the norm. To be immersed in another world for a bit is good for the soul.

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