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A Dell-iriously Easy Way to Keep Track of Digital Photos

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The Design Confidential A Dell-iriously Easy Way to Keep Track of Digital Online Photos

If you don’t happen to be a blogger or photographer or anything in a similar line of work, it might truly be a bit hard to fully explain the sheer number of images those of us in these professions take in a given week or month. Don’t even get me started on how this number multiplies over the course of a year, let alone several. It’s staggering. But if you happen to be a parent, then you get a very sincere taste of this because you very likely take meellions of pictures of your babes, and I guarantee those pictures, over time, have gotten smeared all over the place between social media postings, computers that croak, and however many phones you have worked your way through during the last 5 or 10 years.

The Design Confidential A Dell-iriously Easy Way to Keep Track of Online Photos

Some of your photos are on Facebook, hundreds of your favorites are on Instagram, and maybe you even store or back up your images to an online site like flikr, icloud, photobucket, etc. One thing I can say for certain is that no one I have ever known does not have digital photos in more than one place. And not generally in the I’m so smart I have backups of my backups kind of way, but the normal my last 3 phones croaked and then I found Instagram, meanwhile my family is on FB so I can’t deprive those people of my children over there… and voila… pictures scattered across miles upon end of digital wilderness.

The Design Confidential A Dell-iriously Easy Way to Keep Track of Online Photos

When the cool folks over at Intel sent me a Dell Venue to check out, I think one of the things I was most excited about was discovering that this cute and ultra thin (the world’s thinnest) Intel Tablet has a nifty little gallery app that links all of your various accounts from all around the digital world and instantly makes them accessible in one single spot. Genius – problem solved. I definitely feel a lot less guilty about having my older boy’s baby pictures so digitally spread out. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see all of the images I lost long ago due to tech croakage (totally a word) but that I posted to social media or were sent to me via dropbox, are now just as easy to find and access as my latest design project images. Those past years of digitally irresponsible image storing weigh on me and I feel that mom guilt over not having backups of my backups and often for having lost them altogether. Do you experience this?

The Design Confidential A Dell-iriously Easy Way to Keep Track of Online Photos

This nifty feature helps put my anxious mind at ease and makes it so much easier to access my images for sharing on this blog and for sharing with friends and family. Now if it can physically force me to make yearbooks for the past several years, we will seriously be in business. The gallery app places your images in timeline order and you can view by the date the image was taken, but I am a little bit more excited for the mapped version of my timeline, than a normal person probably should be. It essentially groups your images by location and shows you a visual of where your memories took place. I don’t currently have all of my pictures geo-tagged, but suddenly I want them to be so I can see how they spread across the country for the last several years of my life. I definitely want to at least be sure to add the locations for some of the more special albums I have on FB because… I don’t know why… but I do! This app will also pull in images that your friends have posted that you are tagged in. That is just the most fabulous thing ever.

The Design Confidential A Dell-iriously Easy Way to Keep Track of Online Photos

How far do your pictures stray? How many images have you lost from digital deaths? Don’t you think this type of gallery gathering app is so helpful? No more jumping from social media site to social media site to round up your faves, just sort your timeline however you wish and enjoy… love that. The Intel RealSense technology can do some amazing things and I can’t wait to share them with you! I gave this baby a tech test drive for one of my recent projects and some of the tasks this tablet helped me accomplish, with the mere flick of a finger, are mind blowing and really simplify things for me. I know you will think so too, especially if you build like we occasionally do around these parts! Stay tuned for more details…

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