Easy DIY Neon + Neutral Planter Bag

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As a DIY blogger, you can probably imagine that people expect handmade awesomeness from me all. the. time. And why shouldn't they? After all, re-imagining everyday items and creating something from nothing is supposed to be where I excel. Sometimes that's true – other times… not so much. Since this nagging infection and an impressive allergy season have essentially nipped any big plans of mine directly in the bud, I am not likely to be tackling any huge projects for the next month or so… Naturally, I am using this as a great excuse to do some of the smaller projects I have been wanting to try but don't always get to, in the wake of those larger all-consuming kind of projects. I have heard through the grapevine that Mother's Day is right around the corner (I rarely know what day of the week it is, much less when a holiday is approaching) and with my favorite entertaining season now well underway, I thought it would be fun to focus on some fabulous handmade and semi-handmade gifts and decor that are equal parts easy and easy on the wallet.

I'm a sucker for gifts with purpose. Since I am constantly styling and decorating with plants I am always on the hunt for interesting new plant types and new and clever ways to house said plants and this easy project is solves for both. Your total cost for this will be around $1 more than the cost of your plant and that is hard to beat where budget plays a critical role.

Materials //

  • / Plant – shown here is a Ficus Mistletoe or Mistletoe Fig
  • / Water Resistant Bag – mine is from IKEA
  • / Hole Punch or Scissors

Use your hole punch or scissors to create small drainage holes in the bottom of your bag. If you are using scissors, just pinch together small sections of the bottom and create a tiny slice or X shape to act as a hole. You will want somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 or 6 holes and they should be somewhat evenly space around the bottom of your bag. Note // These should not be huge holes, otherwise quite a bit of your dirt will come through and believe me this is a huge mess to deal with each and every time you water that sucker.

My bag folds down to create a sturdy lip around the top edge and this gives the planter added support, though it already stands tall and steady, at least as far as a bag is concerned. This folded down edge would be a great spot to create a hanging apparatus should you want to. Just use that hole punch or your scissors and some paracord and you are good to go! I would punch through both the folded over portion and the bag itself so your hole is doubly solid and won't risk tearing.

Once you have drainage, plant that baby and water it in to make sure it is draining as expected. These bags come in many sizes so just be sure to choose a size that is slightly larger than the pot your plant comes in. This will give it a bit of room to grow and spread. This cute planter just may be making an appearance in a design project I am working on… and I have a few of these around the house now. I love that it offers something different from a standard ceramic pot and costs less than a dollar which is obviously far cheaper than even a fabulous vintage pot or planter would be.

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