Builders Showcase // Rustic Outdoor Table with Built In Drink Cooler

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My wife wanted to be able to have chairs on the ends so I extended the top by 14″ over the frame. We also wanted to be able to cover the gutter so we used $10 plastic planter boxes and I cut a 2×6 to drop into the gap. There is a 2″ hole towards the center to be able to pull the lids off. We did the entire thing in cedar, then finished in linseed oil. Since this will be out in the elements, we wanted to prolong its life. 🙂

$250 including lumber, planter boxes and weather resistant screws

2 afternoons

Made out of cedar instead of fir

Extended the table top for additional seating

Change gutter to planter boxes

8 2x6s at 8′

8 2x4s at 8′

Linseed oil

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1 comment on “Builders Showcase // Rustic Outdoor Table with Built In Drink Cooler”

  1. My husband and I are wanting to build this outdoor table with built in cooler using the same modifications that you and your wife chose. Can you provide some additional instructions related to using 2 planter boxes instead of 1 gutter? Would also appreciate guidance on extending the table on the ends.
    Thanks so much!

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