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Closet Case // Measuring Up + A Bit of Reflection

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Despite the title of this article, this is not actually going to be all about my feelings or personal reflections. Unless you count gazing at my full length reflection in the mirror a personal reflection (which you totally could). Nope, just a bit of decorating goodness, progress on my closet makeover, and a super handy tool, especially if you are working on a project by yourself. I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten creative (and completely irritated) when I am trying to measure something larger than my personal wingspan and I am by myself. Let’s not even reflect on how this scenario plays out when I need to measure both height and width then need to mark my point… multiple times. Forget it… So frustrating. I have developed some tricks over the years, but there are circumstances where those tricks don’t precisely work, like when you are working in the middle of an empty wall and you need to calculate relatively precise distances between objects… And then do some math that hurts your brain…

My tricks have nothing whatsoever to do with measuring, more like for hanging things and making sure they are level without having to climb up and down the ladder 87 times. But these smarty little Intel Tablets can actually give you exactly the kind of measurements you need when you are trying to figure out how many mirrors you can fit between two dressers and if you have enough space to hang a shelf above those cute dressers. Imagine if you were planning a gallery wall… you could snap a picture of the wall, tap the two points you want to gauge the distance between, both horizontally and vertically, then use a stylus to draw frame positions directly on your picture. You can even measure your frame size to get a true to life representation of how things will look. But, I digress down the rabbit hole of possibilities.

Armed with all my numbers I set out to add a bit of reflection to this space and some small storage solutions that are big on style, not on size. Visually, I didn’t want to add bulk or weight to the space, prefering instead to keep things light with a round metal wire shelf and wire shelf brackets for hanging my heels.

To create the high heel storage unit I simply installed the two of these shelf brackets side by side and wrapped them at the ends with Mason Twine (similar to the stuff I used for the closet rods) to keep them close enough together that my heels sit and stay perfectly, regardless of the height (or lack thereof) of the heel. They hook over the spot where the shelves would go if I were using these as shelves, and fit nicely in the space between the brackets.

Now that I am virtually done with my side of this closet project (I still have a few other things to address), I am about to embark on the other half… otherwise known as mister TDC’s side of the closet, but shhhh, don’t tell him. He is resistant to change and fights me every step of the way until everything is finished… then he usually loves it.

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Closet Case // Measuring Up and A Bit of Reflection

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