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The Art of Patron // Tropical Tequila Sunrise Poptail Recipe

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The Design Confidential x The Art of Patron // Tropical Tequila Sunrise Poptail Recipe

If you need a fun way to round out the amazing food spread you have planned to celebrate Mom this weekend, or any fabulous day this summer, I have just the thing for you with this modern twist on an old classic – a Tropical Tequila Sunrise Poptail! For the 21 and over crowd this seemingly complex treat is actually super simple to make – no culinary skills required.

Have you gathered up your bottles for The Art of Patron contest yet? If you plan to try your hand at creating something unique from their iconic bottles (check out the prize and the details here), you will need a few good reasons to empty them out and so I thought it only prudent of me to share this fun series of cocktails to help you put that artisanal tequila to good use.

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Without further ado… I give you an easy, semi-DIY recipe that will have your guests oohing and aahing over your culinary prowess, without hardly lifting a finger.

The Design Confidential x The Art of Patron // Tropical Tequila Sunrise Poptail Recipe


To make this recipe as a drink rather than a poptail, the same directions and ingredients apply, simply fill each glass in the same manner you would fill your popsicle mold. // Serves 3


16 oz or 2 cups Passion Fruit Juice

4 ½ oz or 3 Jiggers of Patrón Tequila

1 Crystal Light On the Go Stick – Raspberry Ice

1 – 20 oz Bottled Water

Popsicle Mold with Sticks


Note // Passion fruit juice sounds like a specialty juice (and it is), but Welch’s makes it in a carton or individual bottles that can be found in the refrigerated juice section (near the orange juice), so it should be easy to find. If you aren’t able to find the On the Go packs of Crystal Light, you can use a standard 2 quart mix container of Raspberry Ice as well. You will simply skip the water bottle step and prepare as outlined on the package.

// Open your 20 oz water bottle and empty out just a tiny bit of the water. You need to create room for your raspberry ice packet and give yourself room to shake, shake, shake. Go ahead and do this now and set it aside for just a bit.

// Add 2 cups (16 oz) of Passion Fruit Juice to a shaker or your blender if you prefer. Then add 3 jiggers of Patron Tequila (4.5 oz) and shake, shake, shake. Pour this mixture into your Popsicle mold and fill ¾ of the way full. Now give your Raspberry Ice a quick shake and fill the remainder of each Popsicle mold with it. Try not to shake things around too much if you want to get that separation of color. Place your lid or lids on your mold and place your sticks in through the openings in the lid. Place the whole thing in the freezer near the coldest part and let the magic happen. Because we are trying to freeze alcohol, the colder the better. If you have trouble getting your sticks to stand up as much as you would like them too, try letting your popsicles set up for a couple of hours before you put them in.

Let them freeze overnight if possible and enjoy.

This article was created in partnership with Patron. Thank you for supporting the amazing companies that help bring fresh new content like this to The Design Confidential! I heart you guys!

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