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The Design Confidential Find Your Fire // The Possibilities Are Endless

I think it's safe to assume that most of you who hang with us here at TDC love yourselves a good furniture and home decor project. I think it's also safe to say that together we are mastering the art of making things from wood and that it's something of our 'go-to' when we build and create – at least this is the case for me. But… there is one element that I tend to be lacking here and where my maker skills tend to lag a bit, and that my friends is a great group of projects made from metal. Sure we churn out the occasional industrial pipe project here and there, and we add hardware to our furniture pieces to elevate those creations… but what if we could take that to the next level? What if we could round out the type of projects we do here and our skill sets to include working with this material in a more up close and personal kind of way? It would absolutely raise the bar for DIY and the possibilities seem endless from where I stand. There would be no furniture piece or accessory left unturned and the world would be our creative oyster… Well, that may be a slight exaggeration with an overdose of 'crazy dreamer thinking' thrown in for good measure. But seriously – wouldn't it be amaze if we could just throw together a metal shelf or whip out a brass planter or two like it was the easiest thing in the world? Yes, yes it would!

The Design Confidential Find Your Fire // The Possibilities Are Endless

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From fine jewelry to fabulous furnishings, I feel pretty positive that there will be nothing out of reach for us in the world of DIY projects if we can just figure out how to add metal to the list of materials we can work with. To make this dream of mine a reality, I have partnered with Bernzomatic and will do my best to earn the title of Torch Bearer as I learn how to master the art of metalwork – and in the process I shall bring you a new DIY creation each and every month. Of course no project is complete without sharing all of the trials and tribulations I encounter along the way, and I guarantee there will be many. I hope you will join me as I learn, test, and torch my way to a whole new medium of creation. Because, I see no reason to stop at wood… do you?

By learning how to solder and braze, decor like you see above becomes completely possible to make with my own two hands. I can't wait to see where this leads and will be carrying the torch with pride alongside a group of creatives from many different professions. There are some foodies, outdoorsmen, and some renovating pros that I will be working alongside, and that is seriously rad. I suppose if the whole metalsmithing gig doesn't work out like I hope, I can learn to make a kick-ass crème brûlée and roast my marshmallows over the best damn campfire this side of the Mississippi! It's always good to have a backup plan, amiright? These things don't usually go as planned… but we shall see!

What say you? Will you embrace some metal based projects? Can we do this? Eek!

Image via // Layout created by Rayan Turner for The Design Confidential

This article was created in partnership with Bernzomatic and there will be many more to follow with my role as a Torch Bearer. Yahoo! Thank you for supporting the brands that help us get crafty and bring new content like this to The Design Confidential. As per the usual, all of this crazy mad rambling, dreaming and scheming are 100% my own.

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