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TDC Headquarters // Office Update + New Over Sized Art

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TDC Headquarters // Office Update + New Over Sized Art with Minted

Things are moving and shaking in the TDC World Headquarters… other wise known as my home office slash the shipping and receiving department slash the craft workshop. This poor space has gone through a lot over the years and for longer than I care to admit has been a bit neglected. This is the year of minimizing and reducing in any and every area of my life and with this site and my work being such a huge part of my everyday, it only seems fitting that the place I call my office gets a bit of a refresh – which is actually more of a major overhaul.

So let's take a walk down memory lane… shall we? The last time this space had any semblance of organization and decency was way back in 2013 when I installed Crown Molding. Take a gander, because the next image you see will terrify you.. though not as much as the before shots of my closet, am I right? Eek!

TDC Headquarters // Office Update + New Over Sized Art with Minted

Ok, I guess it isn't quite as scary as I made it sound, but it's definitely devoid of anything good and was slowly becoming the dumping ground for all of the millions of shipments that roll through these doors. And don't get me started on the craft supplies, parts, and pieces that all inevitably need to be kept for future projects. To say it is overwhelming is the understatement of the year. This image above is of course the 'good side' of this space but I will share the rest of the crazy with you as I work it over, a little at a time! It's becoming desperate…

TDC Headquarters // Office Update + New Over Sized Art with Minted

A bit of an improvement, no? That gorgeous over sized art print from Minted is the crown jewel of this space and with the new extra large size they offer, you can get your faves in a 54″x40″ format and rock out your space in a big, bold way. This beauty, by artist Max Harris, has set the tone for transforming this space into something that inspires me, rather than bringing me down. Let's hope that translates to more productivity and amazing, inspired projects! If there is one thing I have learned about myself it is that I tend to be happier when my surroundings are beautiful and reflect my style. I am glad to bring that stylistic touch to this area and can't wait to finish out the entire space.

TDC Headquarters // Office Update + New Over Sized Art with Minted

Everything aside from the art in this space is either a DIY project, something I already owned, or a recent and wonderful addition to my life and I am excited to share all the projects and details with you – especially as it relates to staying organized in all the crazy that comes along with being a DIY + Design Blogger! Stay tuned… and in the meantime, feel free to gaze with loving adoration at my newly transformed office space and get excited because there is so much more to come.

I am considering moving in, or perhaps setting up a lovely spot for taking a nap in between all of my creative pursuits… hard work makes mama tired and so do those boys of mine.

// The gorgeous print was provided by Minted but naturally all ramblings and thoughts are 100% my own!

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