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Building a Better Bed // All In The Details

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The Design Confidential Building a Better Bed // It's all in the Details

They say building a better bed begins with a good mattress, and that is certainly true… and here at TDC, many of us know that long before that, building a better bed begins with actually building a better bed. What makes a bed better depends entirely on who will be sleeping in the bed and how much time will be spent in that bed each day. Will you watch movies, work, or snuggle with your kiddos in your bed? Do your kiddos still crawl in bed with you in the wee hours of the night and put their feet in your face? Let's just say that a great many things will be considered as you lay the foundation for your best night sleep. But how do you build a better bed once you have already built a better bed? Because there is nothing worse than having an amazing bed and a fabulous mattress that live in chaos. It will hang like a dark cloud above your head, nagging and reminding you that you never got around to making your bed that day. Let's be real, making the bed is a pain in the neck and no one wants to do it. Yet it's this one little task that sets the tone for your day and is the difference between your space feeling calm and uncluttered or chaotic and stressful.

So how can we make this easier, less of a chore, and something that doesn't require a PhD to reconstruct each morning with 8,000 pillows and crazy sheets tangled up everywhere?

The Design Confidential Building a Better Bed // It's all in the Details

In honor of National Make Your Bed Week, I thought I would fill you in on a few of the recent changes I have made that absolutely make this process easier for me and way more likely to happen – because this little mama loves a nicely made bed, but never has the patience to fuss with it. Who's with me?

First and foremost, I got rid of the top sheet. I actually like sleeping with a top sheet since I tend to sleep hot yet still need to be covered, so that top sheet comes in handy. But, I love not fussing with that top sheet so much more than I love having it, so this is a change I will gladly keep forever! Crane & Canopy sells 'No Top Sheet' Sheet Sets which is rather genius.

Then I switched my comforter for a Duvet and Nova Duvet Cover which has an easy insert zipper (instead of those buttons) and a two-tone design that mimics the designer look of a beautifully folded over top sheet – minus the actual top sheet and any of the work that comes along with that. Yahoo, right?

I also eliminated all of the excessive throw pillows and opted for a simply body pillow to sit against my headboard and two medium sized throw pillows in front. This gives us the most comfortable setup for sitting upright, which we do constantly since we spend a lot of time working or relaxing in this space. It turns out this setup is not only easier for me but Mike too since he doesn't have to worry about putting the pillows on the bed 'just the way I like them' which makes him so much more likely to actually make the bed on occasion. That my dear friends is true love! Anything that is so easy that I am not the only one who can do it is amazing in my book.

So while this doesn't have the over the top styled out look of a catalog perfect bed, it does have the look of clean and tidy with the added bonus of being easy to recreate each morning. That is the most beautiful thing ever, to me…

The Design Confidential Building a Better Bed // It's all in the Details


The Hayes Nova Duvet Set – Gray

Porcelain Green 400 Thread Count Sheet Set

Striped Pillows

Lavender Almond Linen Spray

Lavender Vanilla Linen Spray

You can see this process in action below. If the hardest part of making the bed is getting the Duvet into the Duvet cover, then this couldn't be any easier because that is not hard at all. Not to mention you only do that once after you wash your bedding and you don't have to do it again for a bit!

All I have to do is sit my pillows upright, pull the duvet up, give it a little fluff, and away I can go on my day.

I happen to be a bit obsessed with smells which means I really dislike anything that doesn't smell fresh and clean. There are a lot of things that get washed in this house that don't normally get washed by most people because of this little tidbit. Obviously washing my bedding every single day isn't an option so I love the idea of a linen spray. I ordered this one and this one and every time I walk in my room I'm greeted with the most wonderful smell.

Are you sensitive to smells? How about making your bed… is it crucial, frustrating, or not high on your list? I would love to know how other feel about this hot topic – do tell.

A big huge thank you to Crane & Canopy for partnering with us on this post and an enormous thank you to all of you for supporting the companies that help bring fresh new content like this to The Design Confidential! I heart you guys…

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