Minimalist // In the Bath

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The Design Confidential Minimalist // In the Bath

The art of being a minimalist is about so much more than a person's style choices. It's a lifestyle and regardless of your preference for decor, a minimalist tendency is truly an art and one I hope to learn to embrace a little more.

The Design Confidential Minimalist // In the Bath

If I'm honest, I know that I am most often drawn to spaces that are minimal and heavily leaning toward the complete bare minimum. Yet this is seldom the type of space I design and certainly a very long way from my personal truth and virtual hoarder tendencies.

The Design Confidential Minimalist // In the Bath

One of the spaces this voyeurism seems to bubble over is in the bath. There is nothing more beautiful than a streamlined place to bathe and I often wonder if it is even a possibility for me, especially where children are involved.

The Design Confidential Minimalist // In the Bath

Are these spaces just as beautiful with giant globs of blue toothpaste? Probably. Will I ever know this first hand? Probably not… but I would love to think there is a way to manage the real life stuff and all of the baggage that comes with it, while still achieving my dream of beautiful minimalism.

How do you balance your dream with your reality? Are they different or are they fairly similar? Inquiring minds want to know…


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