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Unstoppable Style

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The Design Confidential Unstoppable Style

 photo Ustop-Logo_zpsehx9it05.jpgThis post brought to you by Unstopables

The challenge… to bring the new Unstopables line into my décor in a way that lets me experience the amazing scent, without having to sacrifice style. The outcome… super easy to achieve and rather good looking too, if you ask me.

I have mentioned more than a few times that I seriously dislike bad smells and also that I adore amazing smells. Naturally I have tried more than my fair share of products to find a few that work for me without overwhelming my sensitive and allergy-prone family. It just so happens that the smell of fresh, clean laundry is one of those universal scents that we all love, and I personally can’t get enough of. As luck would have it, the Fresh scent smells just like that and happens to be a gorgeous shade of blue, which works with the décor in most of my spaces. Yahoo.

The Design Confidential Unstoppable Style

The color and pattern on the glass lend well for creating a bold space, which is definitely my thing, so I rounded up a few of my accessories to show you the direction you might take with this and how you might keep the design elevated and grounded without being over the top.

Blue and yellow are a natural pairing for high-contrast spaces, but what fun would it be if we played it safe? A mustard hue paired with the pale teal like you see above is perhaps a much more interesting way to make that color combo a bit more youthful and chic.

For this vignette I chose to focus more on the warmer, coppery hues to pair with this pale teal color and since orange is adjacent to yellow on the color wheel, yellow being the contrasting color for blue, stepping one hue over in this instance results in a relatively high-contrast pairing that is just a tad bit more subdued and complementary feeling. Still bold, but not cold. The warmer hue seems to really ground the high-contrast nature of the other pieces and that is extremely important when you are walking the line of high-contrast design. Editing your accessories in this way will help you stay on the right side of the design fence without going over into the realm of crazy and chaotic. Black accents are a must when trying to balance and enhance the bold pattern of the Unstopables products and the color of the candle itself should, too, be well played and feel intentional in your space. You can easily achieve this by peppering the color throughout your space in coordinating shades of blue – both lighter and darker work well – it need not be exact.

The Design Confidential Unstoppable Style

If you like that fresh, clean smell like I do, you will be excited to hear they also have a laundry scent booster to keep your clothes smelling amazing, longer (yeeesssss), and a fabric refresher spray that is just about my favorite thing ever. With the number of vintage pieces that roll through here, a scented fabric refresher spray is relatively crucial, but I love to spray the fabric of my newer pieces as well. With two boys, two dogs, and a husband, you can imagine how things can need a refreshing every so often.

If you prefer a lighter or more feminine color or scent, there are a number of other options and the peachy pink color called Glow is To. Die. For. So good. I have been using it for boosting the scent of my laundry since I seem to have become immune to that fabric softener smell I adore so much – I guess you could call it overuse – but who’s keeping track, eh?

So what say you? Are you a scent-loving nut like I am? Do you prefer a fresh, clean kind of scent or maybe a soft feminine floral? Perhaps a sultry scent is more your speed and the kind of mood you prefer to set in your home?

SOURCES // Fresh Scent Unstopables

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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Unstopables through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about Unstopables, all opinions are my own

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