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DIY // Summertime Entertaining + Rainbow Poptail Recipe

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School is officially out for the summer here and we have quite a few big-deal graduations to celebrate! One in particular marks the end of school all together, for my baby brother, as he just recently graduated from Vanderbilt Law School. My mom is going to be retiring, my step son just graduated from High School, and my littlest graduated from toddler-hood (totally a thing) and will be heading into preschool this fall. Lots of firsts and lots of lasts that definitely warrant a fun and festive shindig of epic proportions!

Michaels has every single thing I could ever dream of needing for a fabulous party, from decor to baking supplies, it makes my crazy color loving heart go all aflutter… For this party we are giving it an old school summer vacay theme, complete with flamingo string lights and a lightbox to set the tone.


They have a crazy good selection of garlands, lanterns, photo backdrop props and tissue paper poufs – both ready made and DIY. Dip dye a white fabric garland in a color that suits your decor and throw in some shiny pinwheels for good measure.

I love a fun activity at a party that guests can dabble at here and there as they please. A friendship bracelet making station and coloring for grownups put everyone in a summer camp state of mind and take us back to a time when summer vacation meant something entirely different and was altogether carefree and wonderful.


This would be fabulous as a non-alchoholic treat as well, simply substitute water for rum.

Ingredients / Each popsicle mold holds about 4 tsp. For larger molds, double or triple as needed.

1 tsp Rum

3 tsp Flavor

To create the rainbow I used 4 flavors and mixed as needed- Cherry, Pina Colada, Berry Blue, Cotton Candy (can purchase a flavor for each color of the rainbow or mix as indicated below)

Red = 3 tsp of Cherry

Orange = 1.5 tsp of Cherry + 1.5 tsp of Pina Colada

Yellow = 3 tsp of Pina Colada

Green = 1.5 tsp of Pina Colada + 1.5 tsp of Berry Blue

Teal = 1 tsp of Pina Colada + 2 tsp of Berry Blue

Blue = 3 tsp of Berry Blue

Purple = 1.5 tsp of Cherry + 1.5 tsp of Berry Blue

Magenta = 1.5 tsp of Berry Blue + 1.5 tsp of Cotton Candy

Pink = 3 tsp of Cotton Candy

From paper crafts, party goods and baking supplies to new outdoor lighting, glass and floral, Michaels is your DIY destination for all of your summer celebrations. Be sure to check out all of the other Michaels Makers DIY summer party ideas on the Michaels blog.

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