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Project Image

Well it's the middle of January and I'm just now sharing these with you... surprise, surprise, eh? Just like the good little blogger that I am (ya, right), I am planning on documenting Baby Bird Penn's monthly progress for the first 2 years of his life, in a cute little photo series. Now I am no professional photographer so of course these images could be a LOT better, but I'm learning and experimenting so perhaps this will also be a photography skills montage... who knows?

I decided to torture the poor creature by dressing him and his surroundings in a theme that relates to the month's particular holiday or season, so for November it's all about Fall! Yes apparently I love to make things complicated... I couldn't just choose a chair or a fabric and call it a day. Nooooo... I had to settle on an entire scene complete with banner, decor, and matching attire.

And then I couldn't decide which picture I liked best, so I narrowed it down to my 3 faves! The first image is most likely the best all around candidate, since he is both facing the camera and isn't a blurry streak. With all the movement going on during the shoot, it's a wonder I got any decent images at all. He must take after me with all the crazy kicking and dancing around. I should show you the 'outtakes' cuz they were pretty darn funny! The image above shows his appearance best. Even though he isn't facing the camera, this one most closely resembles what he looks like in person. And of course the little tongue peeking out is also pretty typical since he eats like a starving child all day and all night.

But this last image is one of my absolute favorites because although it's not ideal for a 'cutesy newborn' picture, it's his personality all wrapped up in a one arm salute to baby-ness. When he isn't swaddled, he is in a 'one arm up' position most of the time. Even when he is swaddled, he manages to Harry Houdini one of his arms out of that straight jacket on a regular basis. Perhaps he has a future in baby arm modeling, cuz I'm sure there is a need for that.

I will be back later with his December, month 2 photos... pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself!

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