A Dandy Chandy Makeover

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This particular makeover has been a long time in the making, 3 years to be exact! To say that I am excited to finally have finished it, is an understatement. Elated is more like it! Can I get a yahoo? Yahoo!

Supplies required for your own Dandy Chandy Makeover:

-1 Brassy Retro Chandelier or a Builder Grade Chandelier (that happens to be what this particular specimen was)

Krylon Spray Paint – I am using Satin Avocado for this much needed rehab.

I know many of you will know a thing or two about this type of light fixture seen below. Oh that fine brassy color, isn’t it fab? perhaps…but not in my particular home with my particular style, what can I say…

With a can of Krylon in my hot little hand, I headed out back with a plastic tarp in tow and got to work. This fixture only needed 2 very, very, thin coats of color for just the perfect finish. Whenever you are working with a metallic surface it is advisable that you consider a primer for flawless paint application, however my personal experience is that this makes the job a bit harder for me and occasionally results in a personal finishing mishap. So I just went for it, 2 very light coats, and 20 minutes or so of drying time = the fastest dandy chandy makeover ever!

The finish is ideal because with a Satin level of gloss, I have just the perfect amount of sheen, keeping it from appearing too chalky and yet allowing it to shine (no pun intended) just a bit while still having a much more modern style about it.

Isn’t she a beauty? Pop those candle covers back on, and all that’s left is to hang this baby up and let there be light! I’m afraid that is a whole tutorial in and of itself…but I feel moderately confident I won’t die in the process. I will keep you posted! Stay tuned for an update on that and a final reveal of this fine friend in it’s surprise location (surprise because I haven’t quite decided yet! haha)

Take a peak around your home, seek out those standard builder grade pieces, and breath a little new life into them. Take a risk, and buy stock on spray paint, it’s a DIY’ers greatest weapon!

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