Belgian Reclaimed and Rustic Style Files

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Belgian Design has all of those things I happen to love. A neutral palette with reclaimed woods, lots and lots of gray, and a healthy dose of white. The textures are incredible and with so many variations of these basics, there is something for everyone within this style. I have chosen some of my favorite Belgian Inspired Interior Images to share with you, I hope you enjoy and that they inspired you to incorporate reclaimed woods and gray tones into your own interiors. Whether you like neutrals or a more colorful palette, gray with various tones of reclaimed or pickled and limed woods are a fabulous backdrop. It works for warm interior palettes as a base, and works for those of you who prefer a more cool and collected interior with lot’s of white. Perhaps the most versatile of palettes to use as a starting point or base for your décor with whites, grays, beiges, neutrals, and weathered or worn these shades and hues are fast becoming a mainstay within many design styles at the moment, and will work for almost anything you might like to do in your home. It knows no bounds from Modern to Rustic and everything in between we see these few key ingredients incorporated everywhere.

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