Nursery Style Files and Taxidermy Chic with a Handmade Art Wall

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Project Image

I adore this room, and all of it’s textured outdoorsy goodness, mixed with a bit of that antique store vibe. This little girl is one lucky duck with a parent designing for Urban Outfitters, she gets to grow up surrounded by that chic and slightly quirky décor we all know and love. This room turns nursery décor on it’s head just a bit, and I for one am eating it right up!

Zebra Rug…check!

Baby’s first Taxidermy…love it!

A handmade birdy mobile made by Anthro Designer friends? Um, yes please!

Note to self: A grownup settee is such a perfect little addition to a not so grownup room.

I am fairly certain this is the most original and fabulous Art Wall I have ever seen, and I think, no I know, that I need one immediately!

Dachshund lamp, adorable…


Images and more info on this room found here: Grayhood

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