DIY + Projects Roundup Vol. 1 Issue 2

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We will be back tomorrow with some fab new furniture plans, in the meantime I thought I might share some fab projects from around the web!

Spring time is near at hand, and with the welcoming of spring comes a very green holiday too! A bit of spring fling fun is in order, to usher in this green holiday in style! Naturally by style, I mean DIY + Projecting style! After all green is the new black..and DIY is the new Designer. am I right? So let’s take lesson and inspiration from some of these very cool projects below. Let the wheels begin to turn folks… you are in for a treat!

With the first two projects here, I love this chevron tray not because chevron is new but because her method of applying this pattern is a technique that NEVER occurred to me, duh… It's decoupage! That's right, a bit of paper cut in an appropriate lined pattern and applied with glue, then covered with glue. I mean think of the time you might save from not having to cut a stencil and not having to touch up said stencil when your lines go all wonky! genius..

And these green bowls which are labeled as flowers but look quite a bit like clovers to me…made from plastic bottles! Double genius, and a way to use up these items which might otherwise end up in landfills or need to be recycled.

Would you believe this tree mural below is made from string and push pins? I mean… can you think of anything more custom and cool than this? Fabulous!

And the tractor below (at least I think it’s a tractor) while not made the same way, and is in fact appearing to be made from metal and covered in plant life, gives me thought of doing the above project in the pattern below for a boy’s boy (like my monster mash)!

I adore projects that repurpose unique items in very unique ways and the two projects below do precisely that. Nuff said!

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