My Glorious Big Girl Bed

06.02.11 By //
Project Image

I know some of you will be very excited to see the finished product and my brand spankin’ new big girl bed. It’s glorious, if I do say so myself. I lightened it up a tad from the bits and pieces you saw in my Reclaimed Wood Finish Tutorial (found here) and the result is so fabulous! The plans for building this bed for yourself can be found here, and now I will begin on part 2 of this bed, because it’s not quite complete. Can you guess what I will be adding to it? Go ahead, guess…and stay tuned for those plans as well!

I am so excited to have my very own farmhouse style bed, with a bit of a vintage weathered finish… On to the rest of the room now with décor and accessories! Perhaps I may even share my trials and triumphs with my adventures of hanging a flat panel tv. It was no where near simple…

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