Builder’s Showcase: Gina’s Provence Beam Dining Table

07.05.11 By //
Project Image

With fantastic help from Ry and her amazing site, I was able to reproduce this fantastic provence beam table! I am inspired to do the Chelsea chaise loungers next! This is my second woodworking project, and could not have done it without Ry’s help along the way. Thank you Ry!

Lumber Used

I made the 8′ version, using reclaimed cedar 4×4 posts, 2×10 planks and redwood 2x4s. It was a truly great experience picking the lumber at the salvage yard, loading it myself, sanding, cutting, attaching, even making little mistakes along the way so I know what NOT to do next time is something I will never forget.

I did my trusses at a 45 degree angle, and drilled an umbrella hole and could not have been more pleased. AND thank you again Ry, your site made it all possible. You serve as a great inspiration!

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