Cabin Fever and A Norwegian Modern Rustic Home

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There are times when images of a space take hold of your attention, and utterly change the way you think about something.  Those spaces deserve our complete attention, if not for just a brief moment of contemplation…it's our duty to dissect what makes us happy and determine what precisely makes a space feel warm or comfortable, what causes our heart to race or skip a beat, what excites us about a space, or takes us to that day dream vacation, and gets our wheels turning.   The question is: what is it that makes a space ideal and is it a visual or an emotional response?  Is it formulaic or entirely different for each and every one of us.  Is it aesthetic or psychological?

Let us begin our exploitation of Space, in all it's infinite methods of madness.

This space grabbed a hold me, perhaps because I love a neutral palette… laden with texture and no where near void of dramatic gesture.  Neutral but not disengaged…every fiber of my being gets involved in something that strikes my visual fancy.

Perhaps it's because it caused a revolution of thought for me.  Previously not a huge fan of the “log cabin”, this article and series of images made me rethink my concept of Wintry Vacation Homes with a rustic feel and suddenly gave my perception a modern outlook.

Thank you Skona Hem, for this mental evolution…I have now changed my take on Rustic Cabins and have added them to my digital design Style Files…Modern Rustic is not an oxymoron, and I adore this.

What do you think about this space?  Does it have universal appeal?  Or is this singular to my experiences and taste preferences?


Images via Skona Hem

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