Color Connection: Neutral and Green

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Project Image

Making the connection between this stunning series of visual images and your home decor can be done with the use of accessories and products as shown below. You can click on any of the links listed under the Sourcebook tab to take you to the place of purchase. Some of these products are old, some new, and some are perfectly handmade.

Pantone Color Approximations:

580 C 351 C 374 C 392 C 451 C

I am absolutely smitten with this color combination, it's both captivating and calming, with a sophisticated sensibility.

There is often a direct influence from fashion on home decor. Get inspired by the clothing you love, and translate it into your interior design…play it forward. The items below reflect not only the colors from the images above, but a bit of the feeling, style, and textures as well.

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