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Dreamy and Ethereal Wee Ones Art

07.08.11 By //
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While I adore baby and kiddo items and décor, when it comes to style I prefer to treat children’s rooms with the same respect and care I would an adult living space. This artist presents just such an opportunity to do so, by creating images that not only appeal to my adult (though not always) mind, and colors that please…but with subject matter that is prime for our petite loves. Animals, Birds, Sea Creatures and of course a boy in masked attire, slightly reminiscent of Where The Wild Things Are. Spending that extra bit of time on discovering pieces that will grow with your kiddos as they mature out of their nurseries and into the rooms, is well worth the energy with pieces like these. This is precisely the type of art that would inspire the inner story teller in my own monster mash boy.

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