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Worm Juice Tea and a Love Hate Relationship

07.30.11 By //

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Spring has arrived, whether I am ready for it, or not! I have such a love hate relationship with springtime as I love the onset of the beautiful blooms and the return of the sunshine…but I could honestly do without the allergies and the rain. Oh the endless seeming rain, that really only comes intermittently but when it does, it’s a downright windy deluge. I know the rain is important, and it definitely makes for healthy beautiful green plants, but I personally need the sun! N.E.E.D it!

And the freesia which I don’t actually recall planting bulbs for, but has managed to spring up in not one but 4 places in my yard! I suppose that suggests I did plant it or that it managed to sneak over in a batch of plantings from my previous home. I suppose that seems a bit far fetched given how it’s placed. Quite nicely, and very orderly if I do say so myself, and in a typical to me fashion, it’s placed in small groupings between other larger plantings…yes I must have planted these sweet little friends. What a nice surprise for myself, no?

I will say they are a tad thrashed from this insane wind we’ve had here, not to mention an utter lack of care or concern for them, by me..being that I had forgotten all about them and didn't even remember their existence.

The forsythia is about to make a very grand entrance as you can see above, she is well on her way!

I am seriously considering beginning to vermicompost here in the next week, ew. But I know these little babies will just love the worm juice tea as they say, ew again. Double ew, actually. Beauty is sacrifice, a well known fact, just don’t suppose they were referring to the serious ick factor associated with creating true beauty in my yard, given my serious lack of space…Worms seem to be the best option for the least amount of money.

Thanks to my fab readers and friends who hang out on my FB Fanpage and chat about all things design, gardening, décor, and DIY…I have a fabulous list of resources that I will pull from, to create my very own worm garden. Of course I will document the process every step of the way! Stay tuned, and maybe even follow along by making your own worm juicer! Ew

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