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Creating an Eco-Chic Nursery for Less Part 2 Fabulous Crib Roundup

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Creating the nursery of your dreams…on a budget.

Yesterday we focused on how to begin the process of designing your dream nursery in Part 1 of Creating an Eco-chic Nursery for Less.  We used fabric swatches as our color palette 'jumping off point', and to broaden your color palette perspective by showing your combinations you might not otherwise have put together.

Once you have set the stage for your room with fabric, choosing furniture and paint, in that order will set the stage for your accessories and will give you direction for choosing your decorative items.

Even if you are a proponent of handmade and homemade, there are quite simply a few items for the nursery, that you absolutely must purchase, such as a crib.

Choosing Furniture:

Purchasing a crib and additional nursery furniture doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your desire for a healthful and non-toxic environment, in fact quite a few companies specialize in eco-friendly furniture for your little ones. The key is finding those companies that sell environmentally friendly furniture at prices that are economically friendly to your wallet. This isn't always easy…

On the bright side, if you are willing to make most of the additional gear yourself (other than the crib), you will save hundreds of dollars and can allocate some of your savings toward the crib that fits your lifestyle needs.

There are quite a few new and stylish crib designs on the market, and most come in at least 2 color choices. Once you have determined, at least in some part, the direction your color scheme will head you can easily choose the color you desire for your nursery furniture.

If you prefer to purchase second-hand furniture to recycle and reuse rather than purchase new, you will need to keep a mindful eye on the stability of the piece and determine if it needs to be refurbished in any way to make sure it is up to par on safety standards and sturdiness. Please avoid drop-sided cribs, even if your mother swears she raised all 3 of her children in them and every single one of you made it out alive! They will be outlawed for sale by retailers as of next year and the risk is simply not worth it. If your piece needs a new coat of paint, consider some of the color choices and pairs shown below in the new furniture styles.

Above and below are a few of my favorite options available for purchase and in colors that will work well with most color schemes or are just plain fun! You can click on the links below them to view the pricing and to purchase.

1. Sahara Crib by Arington. The two-toned crib has made an appearance and it would seem that it has been a big hit among consumers.

Allowing you to incorporate more than one wood tone or painted finish into your room, this is a very modern and stylish choice.

2. Arington Bam Crib and Bassinet in Bamboo. The lightness of the bamboo color is always sure to please, and this particular crib option is actually sold in a pair with the bassinet as well. A great way to stretch your dollar and it even opens up the possibility of housing 2 little ones appropriately, should your kiddos be close in age.

3. Babyletto Modo 3 in 1 Crib. The walnut color of the base of this crib has a very warm and comforting tone to it, and would be pleasing regardless of the choices you make for color in your room. It maintains the modern styling that most of the sustainable and environmentally friendly furniture styles have, and yet has a simplicity that is quite pleasant.

4. Robin Collection Crib by Oeuf. This crib seems to combine a traditional spindle rail with a modern side panel and continues the two-toned trend.

Giving you the best of the past and the present by combing today's style sensibilities with yesterday's favorites.

5. Oeuf Eco Friendly Sparrow Crib in Grey. This crib is hands down the most representative of the direction and style cribs are heading right now. The color is a neutral and rather warm shade of gray which works well with almost any design plans and fabrics you have chosen.

Gray is the newest trend in furniture color and one that I predict will stick around for quite some time… not to mention an extremely sophisticated and stylish choice.

6. Hiya Crib. The classic white crib in a not so classic form, this crib is uber modern and yet made from sustainable materials. With it's boxy shape and wide thick bars, this design, while extremely contemporary, will lend a nice visual shape to your nursery.

7. Bloom Alma Crib. This bright green options and other bold colors are becoming quite popular for cribs and other furniture pieces. If there is a room in your house where you can take a risk such as this, a nursery or toddler is a great place to give it a whirl.

Each of the crib options can be purchased at several online sites that cater to sustainable and environmentally friendly nursery items, and all have matching pieces to complete your look.

Consider mixing and matching styles and colors, if you are daring…the result is sure to please.

Stay tuned…next on the list for creating our Eco-chic Nursery for Less: Choosing Paint Colors.

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