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A Paperless Home and The Tea Towel

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We are about as close to being a Paperless Home as the phrase can actually describe. I always wonder how they factor in Toilet Paper since bidets are not exactly the standard here in the US, though perhaps this is something we should improve upon?

We don't use Paper Towels in our home anymore, at all, we don't even buy them. This was an item I used to use for…well, everything…I couldn't even think about the idea of not using them for fear my life would cease to exist as I knew it. Once that became an item I couldn't afford to buy, since I would have been sacrificing food and diapers, I was surprised at how easy it was to go without them. Now looking back, I am aware at how dependent upon them I was, but I can't hardly remember exactly what I used them for or needed them for. Apparently old habits die much more easily than we think! No point in going back to an expensive habit that has no real use or benefit.

Given the lack of paper toweling in my home, you can imagine how excited I am that Tea Towels have made a very grand entrance in the world of decor. What fun it makes the idea of no longer using paper towels! Perhaps the Tea Towel has something in common with my insane obsession with throw pillows and fabric…not sure…but with options like these below, who cares!

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