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Best of the Back to School Backpacks for Toddlers

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My Monster Mash is starting preschool in a couple of weeks and I haven't quite decided how I feel about it. I am definitely excited for him, he such a social little thing, and I know it will be the greatest thing for him. As a first time mom, this is a little bit hard for me, I am sure many of you know what I mean, readying him for this next stage of his life when I'm not quite ready to let go of his first!

And so…I am trying to embrace this by doing what I do best…online shopping! At least while I am wiping away my proud mommy tears I can watch him walk into his little class wearing the most adorable little outfit with the cutest little backpack! Apparently even preschoolers need backpacks, I wouldn't have figured it was anything more than a novelty item for them, but this is evidently not the case. Nope, they have cute little homework items and projects to carry back and forth. Of course a change of clothes is always a requirement where water, sand, and play are involved and he will need to be prepared for any and all scenarios where a mess might transpire. This definitely suggests that the backpack is more important than just being a cute accessory, it must be functional and needs to be something sized appropriately for a wee little one.

This is beginning to be a bit of a tall order, but I have clicked and saved and pinned my way to a decent collection of those packs that both he and I like best.

Every one of these is Kid approved by a child who likes cars, blood, and skeleton bones much more than cutesy little lambs. So if your bambino is a bit more softy and pinkish than mine, go crazy with the cutesy, otherwise these options below will should fit the bill just fine! Keep in mind most of these have both girly and boyish style options and I am just showing those that MM was willing to discuss…

The number one pick for packs that fit every requirement we had, and are also the most adored by both he and I are these 3-D backpacks by CBHStudio. Priced at $35 and sized at 9″ in height, these seem to be the most spacious in depth without being too large for their backsides. And honestly, aren't they adorable? There are easily about 20 something styles to choose from for any personality your kiddo may have.

For the Fashion Forward:
The second tier of backpacks are both cute and functional, with wipeability or washability, but focus on a more big kid style, and comfort for our little loves. All are in the toddler size range and priced from $20-$40.

Fritz, Cold Feet, Union Jack

For Animal Lovers:
These are adorable and the first two are very softy and light which is perfect if you don't anticipate needing to cart much back and forth. The last in this row is one of the most recommended on sites such as Babble, Parents, and Cool Mom Picks but didn't unfortunately make the list of acceptables for my guy. He wasn't into it…whatyagonnado?

Seriously how adorable is the knit pack!

Skip Hop Zoo Packs, Hand Knit Packs, Whale of a Tale FourPeas Pack,Blabla Canvas Tote Pack

For the Outdoorsy Type:
These options are geared toward a more campy and outdoorsy lifestyle and will likely last through much wear and tear, not to mention are perfect for day trips and outings aside from school!

MEC Kids Dome Daypack, Canvas Sling Bags, Toddler Daypack, Tiny Take Backpack

We are still debating (as in he is debating) between the owl pack and the striped black and white pack with the orange doggy. He is leaning toward the latter, even though I am certain I adore the owl or bunny most! sigh…who knew this sort of thing began so early. I assumed I would have a bit more time before this teenager attitude set in. Wrong…sigh…

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