The Dog Days of Summer

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With the last weeks of summer vacation upon us and the school year about to begin, I am in need of some last of the summer activities to do with my boy! Whether you need to beat the heat or join it with some outdoor activities, the fun ideas below will keep you busy for hours and won’t cost you much to do, if they cost you anything at all…

I know my little guy would adore a racetrack outside for his cars, and drawing one in chalk is a great way to maximize space without creating something permanent. I can say for certain that I would never get him back inside with this outdoor Kid’s Bikewash! How adorable are the hanging sponges and streamers.

An overnight backyard camp out would be so much more exciting with this DIY glow stick lantern or a jar full of stars.

Homemade Bath Crayons and glow in the dark slime would give my little one minutes of enjoyment… and given his anti-sitting personality, that is saying something…

Blakey’s obsession with the hose makes me think this painting with water activity would so much fun for him, and since he adores pretty things, making something lasting out of crayon remnants and wax paper like this strand of hearts would be something he would love! Maybe different colored cars or stars…

What kiddo doesn’t love chalk? Chalk in a squirt bottle or in paintable liquid form? Yes please, even I would enjoy this!

With the heatwave currently plaguing the countryside, I would tend to think that this crayon melting art and special crayon molds would be easy to do in the heat of the sun. No oven or hairdryer required…let mother nature do her thing right before your eyes!

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