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I have been doing a little rearranging around these parts lately, something I feel it’s important to do every now and then. I think sometimes we get comfortable in our surroundings and for me this often leads to a bit of a design rut. I am feeling like I am transitioning my tastes at the moment and haven’t quite found a foot hold yet. I’m tired of looking at the same things in the same places, and so it’s time for change… and inspiration.

I have moved a sofa into my Master and now I have a big blank glaring wall staring back at me, and no clue how I want to tackle it. It needs something layered and that will cover a large amount of space. It could also use a bit of architectural interest since it’s fairly rectangular and flat.

Hanging multiples of something is always a fabulous way to handle a large space and I adore how unique some of the solutions below seem, not to mention budget friendly… always a bonus!

This last one I have started in Monster Mash’s room…so fabulous!


I have started a collection of fabulous wall art displays here and you are welcome to follow along! I will add to it as I come across other fabulous examples!

Sources: Medalions, Block Pictures, Vintage School & Team Photos, Prints over Brick, Vintage Inspired, Kids art Curtain Rod

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