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Ink and Ink Wash by Marc Johns

08.05.11 By //

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Quite often I find myself drawn to large even over sized abstract paintings because of the drama they instantly add to a space. But every now again I am struck by an artist's illustrations and reminded of how truly special drawings are as an expression of creativity. There is something more than just emotion being conveyed with an illustration, there is thought, a challenge, questioning, a reflection of society perhaps… and in the case of these Ink and Ink Wash pieces by Marc Johns there is a cheeky simplicity that is fun and fabulously witty, not to mention so completely charming.

You can purchase his drawings and prints in his shop. Below are a couple I happen to really enjoy, along with a book of his artwork, Serious Drawings. I just adore the cover… H is for Holy Crap! Just plain wonderous…

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