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I would like to begin this post by telling you all how much I adore things in come in a rainbow of color options and are organized by color.  I have a major affinity for the marker, pencil or paint aisle in the craft store because they are ordered by color.  I hate to mess up a brand new box of crayons because their order is perfection, and I just love to look at it!  When I stumbled across this site, I was instantly in love!  Not only do they come in a rainbow variety, they are enormous, high quality bags and will help save more dolphins and sea life from dying of plastic contamination in our oceans (have you seen those terrible images, terrible).  Now my feeling on the whole…bring your own grocery bags to the store idea…is that they are never large enough, and honestly I would need 800 in order to truly avoid using the provided paper or plastic.  That my friends is a decent investment…800 bring your own bags…eek!

Do take the time to check out this site because I am really not joking when I say these bags are HUGE!  HUGE!  They are made from durable material, come in EVERY color your little heart might possibly desire and are cool looking enough, that I am considering using a few as my fall lineup of purses/totes.  They also fold up into small zippered pouches so you will always have them with you and they are under $10 a piece.  The more you buy, the cheaper they become, and with their serious enormity of size, you will likely only need 3-4 to cover all of your shopping needs!  Did I mention they are machine washable?  Can we say kid proof?  Heck they are large enough I just may put my kid inside while I shop! HA…Done and Done…

and I am in love… with the Baggu Bag

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