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Can it be? Missoni for Target

08.12.11 By //

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Can it be true? Is it really happening? The word on the street is yes… pinch me! Missoni for Target, and I couldn't be more excited! I feel like we have finally made it to the big leagues… and by we… I mean me and my fellow Target shoppers! With what is said to be their largest collaboration yet, the limited edition release will include 400 pieces! Set to debut September 13 and run through October 22, the collection will include everything from Clothing to Bed Sheets, Luggage to Dinnerware, and even a bicycle with every bit of that zig zag goodness we have come to adore over the years!

While I personally can't handle Missoni in large doses, I adore a sprinkling of this fun and playful pattern mixing here and there. Some occasional dinnerware and an accessory or two would go along way in my desire to mix it up and create an eclectic, collected for it's special-ness, decor I aim for in my own home!

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