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Vintage Inspired Fantastical Baths

08.11.11 By //

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And by Vintage, I mean we truly run the gamut from old, to really really old, but each is completely fantastical and wonderous nonetheless! The bathroom is a place that tends to be very blah, and many of us have standard builder grade build outs. But why not go crazy here… This is an area of the house you aren't inclined to spend a lot of time, and so you can be as dramatic and interesting as you like without worry of overdoing it. Why not create a true retreat with fantastical elements all around so you enjoy this space to it's fullest and feel like you are someplace else, even if only for minutes of the day.

From Reclaimed Wood paneling and stone, to claw foot tubs, and vintage art and mirrors, these bathroom retreats definitely take me away to someplace fabulous.

I'm thinking I might need a disco ball to complete the space, regardless… And herringbone floors with vintage lighting… you definitely complete me!


All original sources and images can be found on my Bathe pinterest board along with a few other fun ideas, accessories, and inspirations as well!

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