Creating an Eco-Chic Nursery for Less: Gender Neutral Moodboard

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I am not quite sure which of these eco-chic nursery plans I love the most.  I definitely adore the mix of color in this one.  It’s adventurous and playful, whereas as the girly palette was more calming and sophisticated, while the boyish blend was definitely more bold and outgoing. You will find it no surprise that I may mention this design plan uses many of the same accessories and pieces included in the boyish blend,  as well as in the Girly palette we just finished.

Yep that is versatility and hopefully that translates to longevity.  We went from blue to pink with no problems at all, and then moved right on to orange and still the pieces work amazingly!

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This Mood Board is gender neutral which means that if you are not planning on finding out the sex of your little bird, you can still focus on his or her room and it won’t need to be put off or changed if for some reason you may have been under the false impression you were having a child of the opposite sex (it could happen, couldn’t it?) or you are actually able to stick to your guns and have the little bird’s persuasion be a surprise.

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To shop this look, click here.

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