Tod's Provence Beam Dining

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Project Image

I am excited to share this finished table with you guys! Tod and his wife used recycled scaffolding boards from a stucco company to build this, and it turned out fabulously! I've got one foot out the door, on my way to the nearest stucco company in hopes of finding some of my own reclaimed scaffolding wood… This table is just amazing!

Lumber Used 

They modified the length in order to accommodate the length of the boards they had, and I think the result is just stunning. I love to see you guys take matters into your own hands and figure out how to work with what you have on hand, or to use slightly different materials than the plans call for that might be more affordable or cost effective to buy, in your region. Make use of that pile of wood sitting out back from the old shed you tore down, or pass the word along to your friends and family…don't throw this stuff out, it makes for amazing pieces with a ton of character!

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