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I have always had a “thing” for maps…

I love antique maps, school room maps, oceanic maps, pictorial maps, political maps, topographical maps…and could go on, and on, and on about my love of each and every type of map…

I think maps as art and wall decor are an amazing and interesting choice for a home’s decor, and perhaps even a conversation starter. They add an element of whimsy by detailing far away places and time immemorial. Up until now I have tended toward the antique, retro and/or now obsolete specie of maps, because they tend to be quite beautifully constructed and the range of colors you can find them in, allow them to easily fit into a variety of color palettes and design plans or styles. My fascination with history and science and sparks my interest in the evolution of our political boundaries and the ecological changes that have taken place, they are really quite remarkable.

I have recently been pleasantly surprised by a couple of newly created and readily available maps that make quite a statement and place an emphasis on design, through the use of color. I will likely always maintain my fondness for maps of old, the beauty of which can be seen below, but the fact that they are available in reproduction prints, means they can be purchased by folks like you and I! I’m curious…Which do you fancy… Modern or Antique?

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