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The Monster Mash Low Loft Bunk

08.02.11 By //
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Aside from my toddler storage cubby desk, the low loft bunk is the best thing that ever happened to the square footage in my little guy’s room! When you can’t move outward, build upward…am I right? Not to mention it really sets the stage for dual function furniture in his room and dictates that all the other pieces function accordingly! His toddler activity table must fit underneath, and needs to have storage space, and as I build more for this room as he grows, I will continue this mutli-functioning theme along the way!

Estimated Cost

$118 For everything! That includes paint, hardware, sandpaper…everything!

Length of Time

3 days including painting and dry time. The actual building of the bed was pretty fast, it was the painting and sanding that took the longest.

Lumber Used

Douglas Fir

Finishing Technique

I filled all the knots and rough patches, sanded well and painted with Zinc from Martha Stewart for Home Depot

You can see in the images below how the room has progressed over the last year…the first image shows his former crib turned Monster Mash daybed sofa and the bottom picture shows his reading nook coming along nicely and bench seating for his toasty and lollipop breakfast…I mean no one ever said I was a parenting expert!

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