Cheap Chic Striped Candles

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These fabulous striped candles were so easy to make, really inexpensive, and super quick to complete!


Candle Filled Jars from my Local Dollar Store

DecoArt Gloss Enamels in Metallic Shimmering Silver

Small Paint Brush

Gorilla Glue Tape

I began with these bargain beauties… One dollar each at my local Dollar Store (don’t you love a good bargain?).

There are no images on these, they are simple and white and slender. Just fabulous and waiting to be worked over!

My DecoArt Gloss Enamels in Metallic Shimmering Silver was the perfect embellishment for an accessory in my new office craft space…I will be revealing that soon, yahoo!

I knew I wanted stripes, but I couldn’t make my brush work properly, actually I couldn’t find my brush so I was using my little guy’s water color brush (I do not recommend this!) and so I decided to tape off the proper stripes so I didn’t need to worry about brush issues!

It was so much easier to paint on the stripes this way… yahoo! So I used several coats of the paint because I wanted it to read opaque and be sure it was on there nice and solidly! Since the directions on the paint bottle suggest that you can either bake the paint to permanent after allowing it to set and dry for 48 hours OR to allow to air dry for 21 days…I obviously had to choose the latter since baking would very likely melt the candle (duh, just sayin..). Obviously allowing these to air dry doesn’t preclude me from enjoying them in the meantime… yay perfect solution!

I am so pleased with the result! It adds something interesting to my very traditional seeming office décor! Yay for interesting, and simple, and cheap! Adore!

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