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Lust List: Abigail Edwards Seascape Wallpaper

09.24.11 By //
Project Image

I feel like in many ways we have 'been there done that' when it comes to wallpaper and the frilly damask variations of pattern that aren't actually very varied at all. It's not that they aren't beautiful, in fact many are…it's that after years and year of it now, over and over, it feels a tad like a broken record. Enough already… can we move onto another trend please? But this… this is a completely different style, pattern, feeling than we have seen before. Entirely… It feels a tad nautical, a tad modern, a tad storybook-like, a bit moody… in other words… perfection! In the words of Rachel Zoe, “it's major, it's everything, I die!”. Nuff said… Thank you Abigail Edwards for rocking my world! This design masterpiece is officially added to my Lust List! Seascape – Winter: $92 per roll

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