DIY So Soft Silhouette Deer Pillow

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In case you missed my post here, this is a repost of the full tutorial!

I think it’s only right if I begin this post by stating that this project was full of ‘I won’t do that again’ moments! Do you ever have those days where you aren’t functioning at full mental capacity, and you don’t manage to avoid glaring mistakes that you otherwise might? Sigh… this was that project for me! BUT, it turned out amazingly well, despite user error…over, and over, again!


DecoArt So Soft Fine Glitter Fabric Paint

Cotton Muslin – or any fabric of your choosing

Pillow Insert

Stencil or pattern of your choosing!

Stippling brush or firm bristled small paint brush

Let’s get started shall we? I laid my fabric over the top of a piece of foam core to give myself a hard and slightly water resistant surface. Mistake number one: don’t use foam core… it isn’t all that water resistant! eek. That baby dried to the back of my fabric and made a horrid mess. You can see this cute little stencil I was planning on using in the image above along with that green dot resting in the center of it on the fabric. Mistake number two: don’t use Halloween eyeliner to mark your center point… it won’t come off like you think it will. I had the perfect blunt tipped brush for stenciling and my So Soft Fine Glitter and I was ready to begin regardless of that green dot…eek.

Since the paint was of a medium consistency I planned on doing 2 coats to be sure the image would pop and not be too light for it’s purpose. I gently pounced my brush all over the stencil as you can see from the marks in the image above.

After my second coat the image was looking mighty fine… but of course there was that green dot. Ugh. Once you have your image in place, allow the paint to dry for 48 hours and then put it in the wash on a gentle cycle. Be sure to turn your fabric inside out if possible to protect your work. If this will be for a pillow case you will likely want to let the paint dry for 24 hours before you begin to sew your fabric. I would love to give you all the tutorial on making the pillow case, but as it turns out… I’m terrible at it and while it’s sufficient for now, I can only image all of you can school me in the sewing department. So let’s suffice it to say that at this point, you will sew your pillow case properly, then wait the remainder of your 48 hours before turning it inside out and washing gently!

The dot only partially came out during the wash… definitely use a fabric chalk or something erasable to mark your center point. Lesson learned! But this baby is fabulous and it has the slightest bit of shimmer to the color. Not too much that my boys complain but not so little that you don’t’ see it! Perfection! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial of do’s and don’ts! So goes the life of a DIY blogger. Sometimes things work, and other times, they just don’t!

I am linking this project up to Get your Craft on Tuesday

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