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Retail Therapy with BDDW

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There is something about this store that really resonates with me. BDDW is a bit mod and minimal, has a focus on functional beauty, with a dash of industrial thrown into the mix and has sent my little heart a flutter!

Don't get me wrong… it appears that I actually love EVERYTHING! and I truly mean everything I see, all of the time. It's rare when I don't love something in any style or color. French, Shabby, Traditional, Modern, Minimal, Scandinavian, Moroccan… I love it all.

But this is special, and incredibly unique. Their pieces show such amazing craftsmanship with a bit of a sense of humor here and there. Dovetail joints used as stitches for the natural splits in the wood, inlay in unique locations with interesting colors. The drawer pulls and handles are a fabulous bronze line and loop style that I am absolutely smitten with! Swoon!

I love the staging they have done to display their wares… it's just sooooo good!

All Images and Items are from BDDW.

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