My Hopeful Chalkboard up for Auction

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I thought I would share a sneak peak of the item I am putting up for auction at the end of the month! Any of you lucky folks can bid on this item during the silent auction bidding period, and it will be shipped to you… right from me!

I am honored to be participating in this event for such an important cause. I think raising awareness for breast cancer is an absolute must, and that at some point, if the powers that be aren’t able to find a cure, this tragedy will touch all of our lives in some form or another.

My husband recently lost a very good friend to this most devastating illness. She was very young, and that’s eye opening. This is not something that happens to ‘other people’, it’s something that can happen to any of us, at any time, and any age, and even for men.

I hope that if you like this handmade item, that I created especially for one of you, that you will consider bidding and know that your shopping efforts are for a good cause!

Handmade and hand painted with real metal hardware as the chalk holder. This would be adorable in any girl’s room or craft space!

Head on over here for the auction details and dates. Get your credit cards ready folks… and be sure to browse all of the other items up for grabs! Some of our fabulous friends are donating goods as well! Yay!

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