Tame Your Work Space with Lumber Storage

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Given the nature of our little ‘hobby’ here, lumber storage can quickly become a crucial element in keeping your workshop and garage neat and tidy (and safe)! If you haven’t already accumulated a fair amount of lumber and sheet goods… trust me when I say that it can add up pretty quickly. Before you know it, you have a veritable lumber yard in your ‘former garage’.

It turns out that keeping your boards up and off the ground is not only better for your work space, but better for your lumber as well. It is less vulnerable to the extreme changes in temperature that your garage floor experiences, when it is up on high. ¬†Also having your boards lay flat, assuming there isn’t too much space between your lumber storage hooks, helps them stay relatively straight – which is always a good thing!

Aside from the benefits of space and board condition, safety and waste are other important¬†reasons to hoist your hoard. With scraps and boards scattered about, you are way more likely to lose sight of your supplies – which can be dangerous if this is literal – and costly if it isn’t. Buying endless amounts of the same thing is my least favorite pastime. So figure out the best way to get your goods up off the ground and your pocket book and person will be grateful it!
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