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Happy Holidays and a Feast for 15

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I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, for those of you in the US who celebrate Thanksgiving. For those of you who don’t… I hope you had a wonderful Thursday and Friday! We had quite an eventful evening filled with food, family, and a dog seizure. What a night! To say I hope we don’t have a repeat affair anytime soon is an understatement on a few counts, but as for the family and food, it was delectable. I have mentioned before that my home is not large, but that it suits me fine for what I need. When ‘what I need’ becomes a place to seat 15 for a formal dinner, things can get a bit hairy.

You can see from the images above that I have a living room dining room combo and that it’s essentially a long narrow room that hardly fits my majorly over sized furniture. Clearly I care more for my things than I do for creating a more suitable arrangement because I haven’t been able or ready to let go of anything since moving into this place. Perhaps one day… but not this day! And so I began to clear and streamline my very lazy fall decor. I hardly did much more than pile every pumpkin I have in the center of my table and pretend like it looked good! This is what happens when you become to busy to enjoy the things you love, like holiday decorating! I started to realize this room had basically become a holding cell where all of my accessories come to live when they get booted from the other rooms. Of course now I can’t wait to transform this room for a more permanent look, but for now the goal is to make it feastable. And so I cleared, and cleared some more… and then again more… until only a fraction of the ‘stuff’ that was in here remained.

My table seats 8 on a good day, and this day was one of those days. But there were 11 adults, and no matter how much sweet talking I did to my pretty little gal, she could still only seat 8. The sofa stepped in and helped out by allowing me to pull in another table and a couple of extra chairs and actually made for a fun seating arrangement that gave everyone plenty of room to stretch out during dinner not worrying about rubbing elbows with anyone else.

It all worked out in the end, right up until ‘littlest dog in the world’ decided to have a seizure and scare everyone to death. Not to worry, my amazing family was on the job and everyone jumped in on the action to try and save him, even though we didn’t know what was happening at the time and thought he might have been choking. I walked upstairs for 30 seconds until my sister ran up to tell me I needed to come down immediately because my dog was croaking! Eek. My father in law attempted to remove anything lodged in his throat, as did my husband, and my wondrous mom even gave him doggie mouth to mouth! By the time I was downstairs he was breathing and seemed fine. Another clue that he had a seizure. We probably scared him half to death trying to resuscitate him, but I’m glad to have the support of everyone who knows how much of a doggy lover I am. They weren’t about to let him croak without putting up a good fight! I managed to miss the whole event, short lived but scary as it was, and I will tell you that nothing can clear out a house like an animal emergency. Just in case you ever need to end a party quickly you will know what to do. Just whip out your dog and have it roll over and play dead. Great party trick… yikes! Did any of you have an eventful evening or afternoon? Any other dog seizures out there? For your sake I certainly hope not! eek.

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