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A Perfectly Stored Home is a Well Oiled Machine

11.23.11 By //
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I’m fairly certain most of us assume that a perfectly stored home is a well oiled machine. We believe that those people who live in those homes enjoy organized, less stressful, and more productive lives. Well I couldn’t say one way or the other if this is true, because I am not one of those people… yet. I sure would love to find out though, wouldn’t you? With the holidays coming and going, the year drawing to a close, and a new year about to begin, I plan to take the bull by the horns and kick things into high gear. I’m determined to find out if the dream matches the reality… The images here are not only amazing examples of perfect storage, but they are clever, occasionally color coded, very well contained, and they inspire me to… well…burn everything in my house and start from scratch! Ya well I said it… you know you were thinking it too… just sayin’.

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