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Yes it’s true… many of you have mentioned something like this might be helpful, and now I shall give it a whirl and we will see if it suits us! I will begin posting Weekly Wrap Party articles on Saturdays to give a bit of a recap on all of the wonderful things we did (or didn’t do) during week! I particularly like this idea to help you guys ensure you don’t miss out on things, but also to keep myself on track. If I post my goals and accomplishments, I suppose it might help them become more of a reality. Maybe…

Let’s get started, shall we?

GIVEAWAY: A winner has been drawn at random and announced as an update to this post for our Apartment Guide $50 AMEX Giftcard Giveaway! Click here to see if it’s you!

PLAN INDEX:  Phew we have been busy on the building front…have we not? We posted plans for a Boulangerie Table, The Pocket Collection Tower, Matching One Drawer Pocket Desk, and a Small Jewelry Armoire!

BUILDERS SHOWCASE: I can’t wait to see the builder’s showcase posts on these projects, from all of you! P.S. It would be really fabulous if the dozens and dozens of you who have built from my plans would either post a Showcase or send me pictures and details via email so that I might post for you! You know who you are, you fabulous builders you… building all the time and too shy to share, but… just think how much confidence it provides for your fellow builders! Yahoo

HAPPENINGS: The uber productive Internet Strike heard round the world took place, which by the way, was successful in causing the Senate to Drop this Bill! Hooray for organized protesting!

CELBRATE: We did a little pre-party warm up for the impending Holiday of Hearts with a Recipe for Love Potion: The Flirtini and a fun round up of some of the best Handmade Valentines from around the web!

All in all I’d say it’s been a fabulous week of interesting projects, but none so interesting as the project that begain yesterday!

GOALS: I will be making over my Master Bedroom for under $150! Think it can’t be done? Think again… I’m totally doing it, and hopefully by the time the week is out! I will be posting fun projects like crazy and will hopefully inspire some of you to give a budget friendly makeover a try!

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