How to Create an Artful Neon Lighting Installation

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Project Image

I have been coveting a neon lighting installation ever since I stumbled upon it months ago… but alas the price tag has placed it well out of my reach.

Never fear, I’m a resourceful kinda gal… at times… and this just happens to be one of those times!

This project requires nothing more than a rope light and a few nails, with a total cost of around $15.

I have indicated where your nail placement should go in the image above. Keep in mind this particular lighting installation runs about 4′ in width and is approximately 20″ in height at it’s longest point, which would be for the leg of the ‘p’.

While you may not plan on using the same word I have, this should give you a bit of an idea about how you need to support certain types of letters with your nails and will hopefully give you the insight necessary to hit the ground running and create your own!

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