Cutest Little Easter Egg Tree

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I made this Twine Easter Egg Tree using only items from my local dollar store! Love that place… so all totaled we are talking about no more than $5, assuming you already have white craft paint or primer and glue.

To make your own you will need these materials:

  • Easter Tree
  • Twine
  • Floral Moss
  • Paint
  • Glue
  • Decorative Eggs for Hanging

I began with this Easter Tree..

I painted the ceramic pot using white primer.

Once this was dry, I began to wrap the stem and branches with twine.  This is a bit time consuming, and would still look just as good without the twine wrap, but I was looking for a slightly different look than what I had with the green stems.

To wrap the twine you will need to start about an inch from the base of the stem, leaving an inch of twine loose hanging down the base of the stem.  You will then wrap the twine around itself and down toward the base of the stem to secure it.

Then start back upwards using a sparse wrapping technique.  You will worry about coverage on the way down, the wrap on the way up is simply to get you to the end of any branch so that you can work your way down more precisely.

From this image you can see my sparse wrap on the way up the branch and my more covering wrap on the way down.  Continue like this for each branch until you reach the very top and the last branch (the center stalk).  Work your way down filling in any space that the stem is showing.

To secure at the bottom, cut your twine leaving 3 inches loose, then wrap as to wrap around the stem only insert a finger (thereby creating a bit of a loop) continue around and back, then tuck your end down inside. Trim if necessary, but don’t be too concerned by this since you are about to cover it with floral moss.

Using some sort of craft glue (even Elmer’s will suffice) paint the top of the inside of the pot and cover with floral moss.

Arrange your branches and either hang your decorative eggs as is, or paint them Robin’s Egg Blue and speckle them.

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