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Beating the Heat

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As I mentioned in this post, with baby on the way, not many ‘actual’ projects have been getting done around here… But, I have been doing my fair share of shopping in the meantime. Gal’s gotta keep busy, right? One of the many problem areas of my home is the extreme heat we face in the backyard each summer. With temperatures in my regions climate starting to climb, this has been a looming concern for the last couple of months.

Since we are currently renting our casa, building a permanent structure, like this, is out of the question. With the occasionally very windy day, a ready-made version of a gazebo, like this, becomes problematic as well, not to mention our patio is just a tad too large for one to suffice, and so there’s that… We would need 2 and really have no way to secure them adequately.

The cantilevered umbrella seems to be a very viable option except that the price point puts most of them well beyond reach and I still need 2 to provide enough shade to make the backyard sufferable.

Then I found these gorgeous specimens at IKEA… Sold! $200 for a pair, plus the cost of pavers to provide proper weight for the bases, about $16, and I am still coming in at a fraction of the cost of just one cantilevered umbrella from another retailer! Score!

Ask me how long it took me to send the hubs down to the nearest IKEA to get these beauties? About 5 seconds… yep! done and done! I chose the white variety since the fabric is washable and I think white tenting and umbrellas look quite resort-chic… LOVE them.

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