Roundup: All Floored in White

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From painted white wood floors to white laminate or tile, there is something light and airy about the mood a white floor creates in a room…. but can you handle the responsibility that most likely comes with the territory? I can say for certain that while I adore the look, I simply can’t hang with the upkeep. But trust me when I say I occasionally count the days till I will be kid free, just so that I might have white floors and white slip-covered sofas!

I’m excited to announce my partnership with BestLaminate as an official blogger, and today’s topic is all about the white flooring droolfest I am about to share with you! Sit back and buckle up folks, this article is about to get crazy!

All images are part of this fabulous pinterest board here. To browse more white floors or find original sources in all their glory, click here.

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